EPA designation May 2023

Designation/ redesignation of reportable priority wastes (RPW) for offsite containment or disposal

To satisfy its General Environmental Duty (GED), the waste producer is required to classify its waste prior to offsite disposal in line with Environment Protection Regulations 2021.

Waste defined as Reportable Priority Waste (RPW) may be designated by the EPA depending on a human health and environmental risk assessment, the waste constituent/s and waste code/s.

Assessment of an individual waste is often site-specific and requires detailed sampling programs, analysis and reporting which need to be conservatively designed to satisfy a robust EPA review to ensure the granting of the designation of the waste.

Following a review of the EPA waste hierarchy, should the fate of the RPW be determined that offsite containment or disposal is required, a designation by the EPA to allow transport is required should the waste be designated Category A. Where RPW is classified as Category A waste, offsite containment and/or disposal is not permitted without further prior management of the waste.

Category A waste requires a specific EPA designation application to designate the waste to allow offsite containment or disposal. Common industrial wastes have typical waste codes where designation may be assigned to, however, depending on the waste constituent/s, a precedence may be required to assign a waste code to allow transport.

Depending on the constituents of the waste, a desktop risk assessment and/ or physical remediation (stabilization, immobilization etc) may be required to facilitate the granting of the EPA designation.

SLE Environmental delivers the site-specific assessment, the reporting, nomination of waste codes, the physical remediation if required, EPA liaison, and the offsite disposal of redesignated waste following approval from the EPA.

We provide specialist knowledge and all plant and personnel to deliver your remedial works from project inception to completion no matter the scope of works.

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